With federal and state regulations pertaining to underground storage tanks (UST) becoming more stringent, industry has turned to other solutions for their product storage needs. ENRC has the certifications and personnel on-staff to meet these ever changing needs. ENRC can provide UST removal services as well as abandoning tanks in place with structural foam or concrete slurry mixtures. If removal is not the answer ENRC can upgrade your UST to meet the current state and federal regulations.
ENRC also provides complete installation services for UST’s as well as above ground storage tanks (AST). Whether your need is for a 110% containment AST or a dual wall UST with interstitial monitoring, ENRC can recommend and provide systems that will enhance inventory control as well as provide leak detection for your product transfer piping.
Key Project Experience
  • American Waste Management Services – Removed and cleaned three 10,000 gallon fuel oil and gasoline tanks in Bayonne, NJ.
  • Arecon, LTD – Removed and cleaned two 10,000 gallon fuel-oil tanks at an apartment complex in Winslow, NJ.
  • Arecon, LTD – Cleaned and abandoned three underground storage tanks beneath a building foundation at an active retail business in Philadelphia, PA.  
  • J&J Development– ENRC was contracted to remove 8 UST's from a former gasoline station in preparation of a new WAWA convenience store in Somerdale, NJ.
  • UMDNJ– The State of NJ dental school located in Newark, NJ contracted ENRC in the removal of two 60,000 gallon and one 24,000 gallon No.2 oil fuel tanks that previously were utilized at the school facility buildings. The tanks were located in a courtyard area where the entire area required sheeting due to live water and electric series that required to be in service at all times. ENRC also excavated and disposed of 7500 tons of contaminated soil.


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