Over the past 15 years, ENRC's staff has installed and maintained over 20 groundwater treatment systems ranging from full-scale pump and treat systems to bio-sparing, interim recovery systems and long-term soil vapor extraction/air sparging units.  ENRC's staff has installed design-construct recovery systems for many of the Fortune 500 firms in the New Jersey and Pennsylvania region.

ENRC has currently on staff New Jersey licensed N-1 through N-4 industrial operators capable of operating complex industrial wastewater treatment systems in New Jersey.  Since 1994, ENRC's staff has been operating one of the largest industrial wastewater plants in New Jersey.

ENRC's unique capabilities provide our client the expertise to construct and operate a groundwater recovery system, which sets us apart from our competition.

ENRC provides a full range of services for your groundwater treatment needs.  Whether you need a 25 gpm product recovery system or a 250 gpm groundwater treatment plant, ENRC can tailor our resources to meet your needs and your budget.  ENRC has installed systems designed to remediate dissolved metals, VOC's, and petroleum based products for a full array of clients.

Key Project Experience

  • King of Prussia Site - Currently operating a 250 gallon per minute, industrial groundwater treatment plant at the KOP/Superfund site in Winslow, NJ.

  • Brickhouse Environmental - Installed a vapor extraction system to remediate a high volatile soils and a former solvent storage facility.



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