Over the past 12 years, ENRC’s staff of professionals have implemented and completed over 20 successful MGP remediation projects for utility companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

ENRC utilizes in-house personnel and equipment to implement gas holder decommissioning and soil remediation activities of former MGP facilities. These services include installation of sheet pile walls to protect surrounding structures and to remediate soils in excess of 40 feet deep.

ENRC has experience in the erecting and operating of negative-air temporary structures during MGP remediation activities.

 In addition, ENRC has aligned itself with a fixed base permitted thermal treatment Facility in South Jersey to provide its clients with cost-effective disposal options.

City of Linden -- The City of Linden contracted ENRC to perform re-construction of side slopes and plateau of the 60 acre landfill due to erosion issues from the Sandy storm of 2013. ENRC utilized existing soils with imported admixtures to manufacture top soil to be placed on the plateau. In addition, approximately 7600 cubic yards of soil was relocated from the toe of the landfill perimeter to various slope erosion channels.

 Harrison Landfill -- Located in Camden, J the Salvation Army purchased a 32 acre landfill for the construction of a new Community Center. ENRC was contracted to excavate 145,000 cubic yards of industrial waste and relocate to another section of the landfill. During waste excavation operations, ENRC performed the dewatering of the area for 97 days, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at an average rate of 3200 gallons per minute. Once all waste was excavated , the area was backfilled to a new sub-grade for the building foundation.

Town of Edgewater -- ENRC was contracted to cap the exiting Veterans Park located in Edgewater, NJ. ENRC imported 52,000 tons of certified clean fill to cap the 24 acre park along the Hudson River. The entire park was lined with a demarcation liner prior to placement and compaction of the fill.

City of Newburgh -- The town of Newburgh contracted ENRC to cap a 2.4 acre site with a 3/4" certified washed stone at a former industrial facility. Prior to capping activities, ENRC installed E&S controls along with re-grading the site to meet new cut and fill elevations.


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