Over the past several years, ENRC has successfully completed a number of onsite treatment project through New Jersey and Pennsylvania. These onsite treatment options include heavy metals stabilization of RCRA hazardous soils and in-situ and ex-situ treatment of petroleum contaminated soils and ground water.
ENRC’s heavy metals treatment capabilities include rendering elevated metals soils and sediment that exceed land ban standards, as a non-hazardous waste for Subtitle D Landfill disposal. This methodology includes the use of portable pugmill units with the addition of various types of reagents. The type and recipe of the reagent is dictated by a treatability study that is performed by ENRC.
ENRC’s petroleum contaminated soil treatment capabilities entail the use of biological treatment. Similar to heavy metals treatment operations, ENRC performs a treat ability study from a representative sample of the soil to determine mix ratios, retention time and selected biological organisms that would be optimum for the type of petroleum product. ENRC has been successful in treating gasoline, fuel oil, polyaromatic hydrocarbons and waste oil contaminated soils.


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