ENRC owns and operates a full complement of excavation equipment to handle soil management projects as large as 100,000 cubic yards. ENRC has the versatility to manage small and large scale remediation projects. ENRC’s staff has successfully completed landfill closure, pond and soil remediation projects for companies such as Lukens Steel Corporation, Celanese, GATX, and Merck.
ENRC’s personnel are skilled operators experienced in operating heavy equipment in all levels of personal protection in some of the most demanding hazardous conditions in the field.
Key Project Experience
  • Route 21 Associates – Performed excavation and disposal of approx. 26,000 tons of non-hazardous soils for a re-development project in Belleville, NJ.
  • Department of Interior – Performed excavation of 81,000 tons of TSCA hazardous and non-hazardous soils for the Krecji Superfund Site in Essex County, OH.
  • NJDOT – Performed the excavation and loading of approximately 10,500 tons of soil to prepare subgrade for a new highway in Newark, NJ.
  • GE – Performed the close-out of a septic system and excavation of low level PCB non hazardous soils located at a GE facility in North Bergen, NJ. Included in the operation was site restoration activities.
  • Town of Edgewater– ENRC performed the waste classification, excavation and disposal of approximately 68,000 tone of TSCA hazardous and non hazardous soils in a 24 acre Park in Edgewater, NJ.
  • Hess Petroleum– ENRC was contracted to remove 32,000 tons of contaminated soils from a former storage terminal in Edgewater, NJ. Once all soils were completed the excavations were backfilled with certified clean fill. During soil excavation activities ENRC dewatered the excavations due to the close proximity to the Hudson River.
  • Con-Agra Foods– ENRC was contracted to excavate and dispose of 16,000 tons of TSCA and non TSCA waste from a former Beatrice facility in Rahway, NJ. A key aspect of the project was dust and traffic control due to the field operations taking place within an active manufacturing facility.


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