ENRC’s executive staff has over 30 years of managing both non-hazardous and RCRA hazardous waste for both the private and public sector. ENRC has aligned itself with a number of facilities throughout the mid-Atlantic region to provide customers with a comprehensive disposal package. These options are tailored to both cost effective solutions and ultimate liability management.
ENRC manages waste streams such as contaminated soils, small quantity lab packs, drum waste and process filter cake sludges for one-time remediation projects and ongoing regular generated process operations.
ENRC provides a full turnkey management program including sampling, waste stream approval analysis, waste profile management and final waste approval acceptance. Once a waste stream is ready for shipment, ENRC provides an onsite coordinator to ensure all shipping documents are prepared properly and shipment procedures are implemented as required by the accepting facility and the generator.
ENRC focuses its waste management practices of various industrial wastes by utilizing its beneficial use contracts with regional county landfills as cover material, recycling facilities and brownfield redevelopment sites. This approach minimizes long term liabilities for its customers verses the use of traditional solid waste facilities..
Key Project Experience
  • Sun Chemical Corporation -  Waste management of approximately 5,000 tons of D008-RCRA hazardous soils and 8,000 tons of non-hazardous soils from a former chemical manufacturing site in Staten Island, NY.
  • PQ Corporation -  ENRC performs weekly waste management of a filter cake waste from PQ's Chester, PA manufacturing facility. ENRC utilizes it's owned and operated 30 cubic yard roll-off containers to manage the waste stream.
  • NJDOT – Managed transportation and disposal of approximately 15,000 tons of non-hazardous fill in preparation of a new highway in Newark, NJ.
  • ESCO -  ENRC operates a 5 year contract to manage a light concrete aggregate waste stream as a landfill cover product for a county landfill in Swedesboro, NJ. All roll-off containers and transportation services are performed in-house.

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